Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia is known as the city of industry and trade. Surabaya community every day, inevitably, have to stick with the bustle of the crowded city. To unwind at the famous city with this hot air, it never hurts to try to visit the beach Kenjeran Lama (also known as Kenjie beach) Surabaya. Kenjeran Lama Beach is one of the natural attractions in Surabaya, located at the eastern end of Surabaya, precisely in the way Sukolilo Lor Surabaya. Kenjeran Lama Beach became one tourist destination for local travelers to simply unwind and forget the noise of the city of Surabaya. Here, visitors are presented with the typical atmosphere of the beach enjoying the gentle breeze and the waves were not so great

Turkish Kenjeran Lama as a beach resort adjacent to Suramadu Bridge travel and currently there are The “dance” Water Fountains ¬†which is located right next to this beach. Improvements and additions to the facilities and amenities necessary in order to attract tourists. Do not let Surabaya who also holds the title of this Maritime city lost the charm of this Kenjeran Lama Beach.