Maluku, or plow fields with traditional tools or drawn by two cows or buffaloes is still done by some farmers in the district of Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. One was found in the village Jolotundo, District Trawas.
Although not all farmers do this, but the traditional plow is still a MainStay for working on agricultural land in the local area. This was done not mean some farmers do not want to use the machine or tractor plow.
Therefore, the local conditions are foothills, make the most of the farmers in the number of forest KPH Seloliman it was difficult if you have to bring plow or tractor engine.
Such conditions are quite classic, digging plow with a plow drawn cow while rengeng-rengeng (humming) in the fields, in addition to being interesting sights today, Also familiarize cattle move freely, not just in the cage alone.
Traditional plow, assessed by local farmers could be enough to pierce and turn the soil in comparison to the plow engine, in addition to the wetland area is done Often found stones, so it is very vulnerable if you use pirate gear motors.
Although to be patient and painstaking, but plowing with cows Withdrawn is one tradition in the development of agricultural technologies.