Payangan BeachCHZ_6982

The beach is located in the district Payangan Ambulu, Jember, East Java, Indonesia. Facilities at this beach is quite complete. Payangan beach is quite unique. There are three hills and an island that make the scene at the beach is becoming more beautiful and lovely

Payangan been to the beach we will immediately thought of the beaches on the island Belitong Yag used as a filming location Laskar Pelangi. On the beach there are rocks Payangan beautiful as the beaches in Belitung. These stones are often used as the basis by a visitor to jump into the waterCHZ_6952

Seen from a distance, Payangan beach scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Payangan sand on the beach is black but quite gentle and fun to play. In vain you feel if a visit to the beach, but do not play with sand

Like most other beaches, the majority of the population around the coast Payangan fishermen. On this beach you not only get to play around the water and enjoy the beach. You can watch the fishermen activities such as repairing nets used to catch fish or repairing boats. You can also watch closely the process of making traditional Terasi (Paste or belacan is a seasoning made from fish and / or rebon fermented, shaped like dough or pasta and brown-black, sometimes coupled with a dye so that it becomes reddish. Terasi an essential seasoning in the region of Southeast Asia and southern China. Terasi had a pungent smell and is used to make chili paste, but is also found in many traditional recipes Indonesia)

On the right side there is a beach Payangan fairly broad savannas. This area can be used to set up a tent for those who spend the night on the beach. If you come to the beach Payangan in Suro you will see the fishermen who are conducting the ceremony Pick Sea that would normally be followed by a Wayang Kulit.